Understand Price Performance Using Real-Time Analytics

Corrily provides complete visibility and advanced analytics about your revenue and other downstream metrics. Get actionable insights to help you keep a pulse on your revenue trends, and improve your pricing strategy.

Understand Price Elasticity

  • Study the impact of any experiment using Corrily’s analytics dashboard or export analytics-ready tables into your own analytics or data warehouse platforms
  • Understand your product’s demand curve across your users using in-built analytics

Monitor Key Metrics

  • Monitor key downstream metrics such as revenue, ARPU, Trial and Paid Conversion, LTV, Average Order Value (AOV) etc.
  • Receive actionable insights to understand how these KPIs interact and evolve over time
  • Get the full picture of the why behind each pricing and packaging recommendation
  • Track your performance KPIs and get alerts for any anomalies or deviations detected 🔜

Implement Proactive Pricing

  • Keep a pulse on your revenue trends from real-time analytics
  • Be proactive with your pricing strategy from price recommendations backed by machine-learning models

Ready to understand your revenue trends?

Join other successful companies, such as Scrimba and Skillshare, in being more proactive with your pricing.
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