Understand Revenue Trends Using Real-Time Analytics

Corrily provides complete visibility and advanced analytics about your revenue and other downstream metrics. Get actionable insights to help you keep a pulse on your revenue trends, and improve your pricing strategy.

Unlock the power of accurate revenue analytics at your fingertips

Monitor Key Metrics and Track Revenue Growth

Monitor key downstream metrics such as revenue, ARPU, Trial and Paid Conversion, LTV, Average Order Value (AOV) etc. Receive actionable insights to understand how these KPIs interact and evolve over time
Full-funnel analytics: from visitors through paid conversions and retention. Slice by country, region, or custom audience
Track your performance KPIs and get alerts for any anomalies or deviations detected 🔜

Let AI keep an Eye

AI insights and recommendations: Receive automated AI insights and recommendations to keep track of monetization opportunities and grow your revenue
Anomaly detection: Get notified about any anomalies across key KPIs
Proactive pricing strategy: Be proactive with your pricing strategy from price recommendations backed by machine-learning models. Keep a pulse on your revenue trends from real-time analytics

Understand Price Elasticity

Impact analysis: Study the impact of any experiment using Corrily’s analytics dashboard or export analytics-ready tables into your own analytics or data warehouse platforms
Willingness to pay: Understand your product’s demand curve across your users using in-built analytics

Scale your monetization strategies

Harness the power of machine learning

  • Pre-trained Corrily models that improve over time-based on your data and anonymized aggregated data across similar industries
  • Smart traffic allocation and data-efficient sampling algorithms that produce 30-40% faster results compared to traditional AB/n experiments
  • Automated AI insights and recommendations to keep track of monetization opportunities and grow your revenue

Ensure consistent visitor experience

  • Consistent experience throughout the user journey - from a visit to the pricing page to final checkout. Corrily prices, once assigned to a user, don't change unless you intend to
  • Limitless Segmentation: define relevant audiences for each experiment and allocate visitors exclusively for each test so that experiments don't overlap

Empower your teams with actionable data

  • Self-serve analytics that includes Statistical Significance and Confidence Bounds across all key metrics on the Corrily Dashboard
  • Ability to add custom metrics depending on your business needs
  • Visualize trade-offs involved to make informed decisions

Get hands-on support

  • Access to Corrily’s implementation & dev teams to help you design and set up experiments
  • Consultative support from Corrily's pricing experts and data scientists (some with decades of price consulting experience)
  • Shared Slack channel for immediate support