Is Global Inflation Eating into your Revenues?

How much should your subscription product really cost? With inflation on the rise globally - differing across economies and evolving over time - it puts pressure on companies to set their prices correctly. Understand how inflation affects your subscription business’s revenue so you can be more proactive when it comes to pricing.
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A balancing act: inflation, pricing and happy customers

Multiple factors need to be considered when pricing your products -- and inflation is just one of them. Across geographies and over time, your customers’ ability and willingness to pay change depending on purchasing power parity, currency exchange rates, seasonalities, economic (market) situations, and even competitor pricing.

It’s hard to keep track of all these changes, but by continuously incorporating these factors into your pricing strategy, you maximize real revenue over time and your subscription company remains competitive. Let Corrily’s pricing algorithms help you balance the trade-offs to calculate how much you should be charging per user, and when to adjust your prices.

Prevent revenue loss with Corrily

We’d love to help you adjust prices the right way. Book a call and let’s explore how you can revamp your pricing strategy to maximize your KPIs.