For Data and Insights Teams

Corrily helps Data and Insights Teams ensure data accuracy, reliability and efficiency, easily consolidate and manage cross-channel data and make informed decisions with automated data visualizations

Ensure data accuracy and efficiency

  • Harness pre-trained Corrily models that improve over time based on your data and anonymized aggregated data across similar industries
  • Smart traffic allocation and data-efficient sampling algorithms that produce 30-40% faster results compared to traditional AB/n experiments
  • Run experiments faster, and test more price points by running Bayesian tests

Quickly test, learn, and iterate with the help of built-in analytics and in-depth recommendations

  • Easily manage cross-channel data by consolidating all your data in one powerful Corrily dashboard
  • Plan next steps and make informed decisions with automated data visualizations and the ability to add custom metrics depending on your business needs
  • Ability to ingest raw Corrily data into any third-party Analytics or Customer Engagement platform you’re using for further validation

Optimize experimentation metrics to support your business strategy

  • Track the performance of experiments and campaigns and get in-depth and automated analytics of key metrics
  • Optimize for different metrics (ARPU / LTV / Revenue), or even for a custom metric specific to your business
  • Reduce developer time requirements from a robust experimentation platform that is integrated with your product infrastructure

Ready to optimize your experimentation metrics?

Join other successful companies, such as Scrimba and Skillshare, in making informed decisions with data analytics and visualizations.