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We're on a mission to optimize and localize the world's prices.

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Your prices. Optimized and Localized.

Corrily optimizes all your prices across every country at once and uses Bayesian Optimization to figure out what set of prices would maximize your growth.

Boost growth by 30%

With Corrily, you not only always show your prices in the local currency, you also always find the optimal price for your international users.

4+ region localization leads to +30% growth
The results of an optimization across countries

Maximize revenue.

We continuously find the optimal price point in every country to maximize your revenue and retention.

How it works

1. Integrate with our API and Stripe

Corrily wraps the prices you display on your website with an easy-to-use API that remembers which price was shown to a user. The stripe integration only requires two clicks.

2. Set up your experiment

You define bounds for Corrily to explore with, KPIs to maximize, and activate your experiments. At each step we help you to make the experimentation as simple as possible.

3. Get recommendations

Corrily gives you recommendations to optimize your pricing, including cohort analysis and giving you a full picture of what influences your customers' willingness to pay.

4. Display optimized prices for each country

Your prices are now adapted to each country to maximize your growth.

A list of prices displayed for different users in different countries


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What is Corrily?

Corrily is a service to let you find and adjust the optimal local prices for your business.


What metrics does Corrily optimize for?

We're focused on improving profit and customer retention. In other words, we find the optimal price for your customer at any point.


What types of experiments does Corrily run?

We continually run experiments on a small percentage of your traffic to figure out whether your prices could be improved. If we notice that customers do not mind paying a higher price in a country, we raise it. If we see you are losing too many customers because of your price, we lower it.


What technologies are you using?

We are using similar technology to the one used by global hedge funds to figure out optimal prices of items, and by Uber to price your rides. This can include multi-armed bandits agents, using reinforcement learning, Bayesian optimization, genetic algorithms, and more. Our back-end always chooses automatically the optimal solution for you. We have also developed proprietary technology to handle things such as preference of customers in terms of prices (for instance "$39" versus "$40"), and time series of prices.


Will my customers mind seeing different prices?

International customers are already used to seeing different prices in their country. Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Slack, etc. all have different prices from currency to currency, and often from country to country.
On the contrary, customers who see prices in dollars sometime cannot easily understand the price and worry that they might not be able to pay for it on their card. Furthermore, countries with a lower cost of living are often left excluded with prices too high for them to afford.


How do you ensure the user's location?

We check their IP address, and default known proxy addresses to your base location to avoid abuse.


How often do you adapt prices?

You can configure how often you want prices to be changed, and whether you want manual confirmation. In general, we try to limit changes to when they would drive significant improvements of your top line to avoid confusing users.