How Corrily Helped Scrimba Increase Revenue by 50%

When their product offerings became more complex, a leading Oslo EdTech company turned to Corrily’s price optimization solution that led to a significant increase in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and conversion rates.
Kirill Gugaev, CTO @ Corrily

KPI Priority

The primary goal of Scrimba was to increase their new MRR.


Raising prices for higher-income countries (+25% in the US).
Reducing prices for lower-income countries (Venezuela -74%).
Adjusting for specific target audiences in a country (China +30%).


increase in new MRR


improvement of conversion rate

About Scrimba

Scrimba is an online platform delivering programming education via interactive screencasts.
International user base of over 500,000 registered users.
Experimented with purchasing power price adjustments in 6 regions before Corrily stepped in.
Freemium model, prices hidden until after sign up
1,000 pricing page views by signed in users per day



January 2021 (2 days)
Scrimba and Corrily entered into agreement. Data access was granted (via a one-click Stripe webhook) and Corrily delivered a report outlining the current state of Scrimba’s pricing and realistic future success criteria.


January 2021 (1 day)
During the integration phase, Corrily’s API was integrated with and wrapped around the prices Scrimba displays to its users. The integration itself only took a few hours but data was allowed to flow through Corrily for a few days to ensure stability.


January - February
During the engagement Corrily helped Scrimba run price experiments, which resulted in a 50% increase in new MRR and a 12% improvement of conversion rate.


February - Ongoing
After seeing large improvements in new MRR and conversion rate, Scrimba is interested in refining the discounts it gives depending on the content consumed by their users. Corrily’s engine supports these capabilities and a project is underway.

Onboarding starts with an initial data audit to surface opportunities

Based on historical data, Corrily was able to find countries that could be optimized.
Analysis of historical performance allowed the setting up of benchmarks and goals.
The report outlined areas of improvement and initial analysis on a per-country basis.

Smooth integration, timely updates, & priority support

Integration was completed in an afternoon.
Scrimba uses its own programming language, but Corrily functions as an API, so implementation was painless.
During the optimization phase, Scrimba had access to a dashboard to monitor the experiments.
On a regular basis Corrily provided ad-hoc analyses of performance, as well as regular catch-ups and reports.
Corrily provided white glove support during the implementation, which included code review and integration testing.
“Thanks to Corrily, we managed to increase our revenue by 50%. There’s hardly anything you can do which has a higher ROI. Plus, it makes our product more accessible globally, so it is a no-brainer. I am also really impressed with their speed of execution and overall service. Whatever we’ve needed, they have done. I was so impressed by the service that I became an investor in the company.”
- Per Harald Borgen (CEO, Scrimba)