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What is Corrily?
Corrily is an intelligent price automation service that helps SaaS and subscription businesses continually optimize their prices and discounts to grow revenue.
What metrics does Corrily optimize for?
Corrily is built for SaaS and subscription businesses and therefore we allow multiple objectives that bring the most value to our customers. Examples of downstream metrics that we maximize are new monthly recurring revenue (MRR), customer retention, or customer lifetime value (CLTV).
How does Corrily optimize prices?
Corrily optimizes prices by using machine learning models that learn and improve over time.

Our machine learning models continuously ingest data around foreign exchange rates, economic data such as price parity, competitive pricing, seasonal and holiday fluctuations, market dynamics, historical transaction and subscription-related data specific to your business.

We also ingest usage-based data and user-level characteristics from any live experimentation that you may be running on your pricing page. Moreover, we take care of pricing localization, local currency formatting, etc.
How does it work?
1. Corrily integrates with your payment gateways and processors, requiring a couple of clicks so we capture conversion, cancellation and other important events. For the list of native integrations that we support, please see Integrations.

2. Instead of hardcoding prices, you integrate the pages where you show your pricing to call Corrily’s API, allowing price variants from our API to be displayed to your users. We also remember which price was shown to a user.
How do I get started?
You can sign up for an account to our Dashboard and start exploring right away. To start optimizing your prices, you will need to integrate your payment gateway & pricing pages with Corrily. It takes anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks to go-live depending on multiple factors — the complexity of your billing system, your pricing structure, amount of pre-production testing, number of experiments you want to run.
Will my users’ experience be affected?
We do our best to ensure good user experience by maintaining consistent prices at the user level. We remember the price shown to each user based on their IP. (For pricing pages that are visible even before log in, the price that is seen can change if users clear their cookies and use a VPN.)

We have built-in logic to seamlessly grandfather your users, should you choose to do so. Lastly, we have user support management where your support teams can modify prices of any user easily.
Does this work for [insert country here]?
Yes, Corrily can work with all countries.
We are not a SaaS company. Can we still use Corrily?
Corrily is not restricted to SaaS products only. Please drop us a line about your use case to see whether Corrily could be a good fit for you.
We use a wide range of payment gateways beyond the ones you show on your site, can Corrily integrate with Google Pay, ApplePay, Paddle, Adyen, FastSpring, and others?
Yes, integrations with other payment gateways and providers that are not listed on our site are currently done through custom integrations and through our API.

We’re continuously adding one-click integration capability for other gateways and providers, so there’s a good chance that whatever you’re using is on our roadmap. Please drop us a line and we can see how we might be able to quickly provide what you need.
What types of experiments does Corrily run?
We continually run experiments on a percentage of your traffic to figure out whether your prices could be improved. We do it in a couple of overarching ways:

1. by optimizing the prices of individual products or pricing tiers independently

2. by optimizing the prices of different products and pricing tiers in unison
Do we have control over how our price experiments are set up?
Yes. You define price bounds for Corrily to explore, select KPIs you want to maximize, choose countries where you want the experiments to run, and allocate a % of users who will see the experiment prices.

You control the level of granularity of the price bounds and the countries, which means that you can define specific upper and lower bounds per country or per region.

We guide you along each step to keep the process as simple as possible. We ensure the proper setup of your experiments to achieve success.
How often do you adapt prices?
Prices are tailored to segments of users where a segment can be anything from country, demographic, user behavior, user type, acquisition channel source, etc.

You can configure how often or when you want prices to be changed, which segments to change the pricing of, and whether you want manual confirmation.

In general, we try to limit changes to when they would drive significant improvements of your top line to avoid confusing users.
Will my customers mind seeing different prices?
On the contrary, international customers are already used to seeing different prices in their country. Furthermore, customers who see prices in US dollars sometimes cannot easily understand the price and worry that they might not be able to pay for it on their card. Countries with a lower cost of living are also often left excluded with prices too high for them to afford.
How do you ensure the user's location?
We check their IP address, and default known proxy addresses to your base location to avoid abuse.
What happens if your service is down?
We strive to make sure that we provide continued service across regions. During implementation, we also set up fallbacks to ensure that in the event of an outage, this does not create problems.