How Corrily Increased Linktree’s LTV by 14%

After coming out of an engagement with a consulting firm, a leading "link-in-bio" company tapped Corrily's live testing capabilities to launch price experiments that resulted in a 14% increase in customer lifetime value (LTV).

KPI Priority

The primary goal of Linktree was to increase their LTV.


Increasing prices for both higher-income and lower-income countries (up to 1.5x in some countries)
Decreasing prices for higher-income economies (up to 40% less in some countries)
Adjusting for specific target audiences in a country (Canada for example was kept close to 1x)


increase in LTV

About Linktree

Linktree is a link-in-bio platform with over 25 million users worldwide. Users can curate and grow their digital universe, and easily connect their followers to their online ecosystem.
Thanks to its explosive organic growth, Linktree boasts of a vast and varied user base with heavy concentrations in the US, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia.
Linktree had come out of an engagement with a consulting firm to overhaul their pricing and packaging. This consisted of surveys sent to users and prospects to better understand their different wants and needs.
Linktree wanted to test the prices “in the wild” to ascertain how they would perform, and while Corrily was initially tapped to power the rollout of localized prices internationally, Linktree found additional value in Corrily’s live testing capabilities.
The ability to easily set up and switch testing on and off within Corrily’s platform, as well as the ease of tracking performance allowed Linktree to maintain stakeholder buy-in and quickly pivot as needed.



January 2022
Linktree and Corrily entered into agreement. Corrily delivered a report outlining recommendations and best practices for experimentation. A call was set up with key project stakeholders to align on scope, timeline, thresholds, and objectives.


February 2022
During the integration phase, Corrily’s API was integrated with Chargebee, Linktree’s subscription management and billing software, and wrapped around the prices Linktree displays to its users.

As an official Chargebee partner, the integration with Corrily’s API only took a few clicks via webhook. Data was allowed to flow through Corrily for a few days to ensure stability.

Optimization 1

February - March 2022
Corrily’s API tested different price points in the US (Linktree’s biggest market) for a month before becoming confident enough to propose a set of optimal prices. The optimal prices were compared to baseline prices in an A/B test which showed a 12% increase in LTV and a 2.2% improvement of conversion rate.

Reporting 1

March 2022
During the experimentation, Linktree had access to Corrily’s database. Corrily also helped tracked key metrics, exposed a dashboard to Linktree for performance tracking, and provided weekly performance reports.

Optimization 2

February - May 2022
In parallel, Linktree launched multiple price experiments in 10 other markets where Corrily’s API tested localized price points to determine optimal prices. Corrily proposed a new set of optimal prices, with the most impactful result of a 22% increase in LTV and a 75% improvement of conversion rate in one specific market.

Reporting 2

May 2022
During the experimentation, Corrily’s reporting provided a full-funnel conversion view into Linktree’s subscription metrics - from MRR, LTV, and retention. Linktree also has continuous access to advanced metric breakdowns and insights.


After seeing improvements in LTV and conversion rate, and Corrily’s optimal prices outperforming most baseline prices, Linktree is interested in refining their discounts and expanding experimentation to other markets. Corrily’s engine easily supports these requirements and subsequent pricing projects are underway.

Hands-on support, real-time monitoring and full database access

Integration with Chargebee was completed with a few clicks via webhook.
Corrily provided white-glove support during integration working with developers closely over a shared Slack channel. This included code review and integration testing.
During the optimization phase, Linktree had access to a dashboard to monitor the experiments.
On a regular basis Corrily provided ad-hoc analyses of performance, as well as regular catch-ups and reports.
During the engagement, Linktree had access to Corrily’s database. Corrily also helped Linktree track key user metrics, partially replacing the need for services such as Baremetrics or Chartmogul.
Corrily also granted full database access to Linktree, which allowed for data to be seamlessly integrated with other internal attribution and marketing tools that Linktree was already using.
“We were looking for a long-term pricing partner to meet our growth needs and optimize prices worldwide. Corrily was able to quickly evaluate our current strategy, run price experiments, and make data-driven recommendations that propelled our business forward significantly”
Michael Stocks
Michael Stocks
VP Strategy and Operations, Linktree
“Corrily’s flexible price experimentation platform was a great match for us. We were able to quickly test new ideas based on our business needs, and measure the results in real-time. Our last experiment with Corrily resulted in 14% improvement in LTV.”
George Turnbull
George Turnbull
Senior Strategy and Operations Manager at Linktree