Run Live Pricing and Packaging Experiments

Corrily helps you run live experiments across all channels (mobile, web, and email) to know exactly how to price and package your products, services and subscriptions

Choose the experiment type that supports your objectives

Pricing Experiments

💡 to find the best price for a set of users

Pricing experiments allow you to do price discovery, test price elasticity and optimize prices for key KPIs such as ARPU, LTV and Conversion.

Use Corrily's Pricing Experiments to test:

Individual product and subscription prices
Relative pricing: for e.g. if you offer a monthly, 3 months and an annual subscription of your product, what price sets (combination of individual prices) optimize your objectives
Strikethrough pricing and Pricing thresholds
Price Segmentation - i.e. is there a different willingness to pay across different segments of users
Price formats and currencies: for e.g. is it better to display prices such as $25.00, or 25.50 USD? Is it better to charge users in Brazil in Brazilian Reales (BRL) or in USD?

Packaging Experiments

💡 to find the best combination of products and plans for a set of users

Packaging experiments allow you to test various packaging strategies to see what plan lengths or plan combinations work the best

Use Corrily's Packaging Experiments to test:

Different Plan Lengths for e.g. say you offer 4 plan lengths - monthly, quarterly, 6 months and annual. A packaging experiment allows you to test showing different combinations of these plan lengths
Decoy strategy - for e.g. say you offer 2 tiers of plans today. Will your customers change their mind if you introduced a 3rd tier?
Packaging Segmentation - i.e. is there a different optimal packaging combination for different segments of users
Different copies, feature highlights etc. by creating different variants of the same plans say Basic VariantA v/s Basic VariantB

Discount Experiments

💡 to find the optimal discount for a set of users

Discount experiments can be used to test optimal discounting strategy.

Use Corrily's Discount Experiments to test:

The optimal level of discount for a particular country or user segment
The type of discount that increases conversion and retention, - for e.g. is it better to show a percent discount (10% off) or a fixed amount discount (USD 10 off)
When in a user journey is offering a discount most effective?

Scale your experimentation efforts

  • All the tools you need for pricing and packaging optimization in one place- experiment orchestration, analytics, as well as price, currency and FX management
  • Granular experiment targeting across different products, geographies, segments or even user cohorts
  • Cross channel support across mobile, web, and email

Harness the power of machine learning

  • Pre-trained Corrily models that improve over time based on your data and anonymized aggregated data across similar industries
  • Smart traffic allocation and data-efficient sampling algorithms that produce 30-40% faster results compared to traditional AB/n experiments

Ensure consistent visitor experience

  • Consistent experience throughout the user journey - from a visit to the pricing page to final checkout. Corrily prices, once assigned to a user, don't change unless you intend to
  • Limitless Segmentation: define relevant audiences for each experiment and allocate visitors exclusively for each test so that experiments don't overlap

Empower your teams with actionable data

  • Self-serve analytics that includes Statistical Significance and Confidence Bounds across all key metrics on the Corrily Dashboard
  • Ability to add custom metrics depending on your business needs
  • Visualize trade-offs involved to make informed decisions

Get hands-on support

  • Access to Corrily’s implementation & dev teams to help you design and set up experiments
  • Consultative support from Corrily's pricing experts and data scientists (some with decades of price consulting experience)
  • Shared Slack channel for immediate support

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