For Strategy and Operations Teams

Corrily helps Strategy and Operations Teams evaluate current business strategies, quickly test hypotheses, and make data-driven recommendations to propel the business forward

Quickly test, learn, and iterate with the help of built-in analytics and in-depth recommendations

  • Plan next steps and make informed decisions with automated data visualizations and the ability to add custom metrics depending on your business needs
  • Receive machine-learning-backed recommendations and get the full picture of the *why* behind each pricing and packaging recommendation
  • Ability to ingest raw Corrily data into any third-party Analytics or Customer Engagement platform you’re using for further validation

Optimize experimentation metrics to support your business strategy

  • Track the performance of experiments and campaigns and get in-depth and automated analytics of key metrics
  • Optimize for different metrics (ARPU / LTV / Revenue), or even for a custom metric specific to your business
  • Reduce developer time requirements from a robust experimentation platform that is integrated with your product infrastructure

Expand your customer base and maximize customer lifetime value by personalizing prices

  • Create customer segments and get an even deeper understanding of how your customer base is reacting to your pricing and packaging
  • Launch campaigns across all of your channels and optimize prices or packages for each of your customer segments
  • Activate or upsell customers with personalized prices from product usage analytics, improve retention, and maximize customer lifetime value