For Developers
and Engineering Teams

Corrily helps Developers and Engineering teams streamline their pricing infrastructure, reduce integration complexity, and easily implement pricing and packaging changes without doing any code changes

Streamline pricing infrastructure and simplify integration efforts

  • Integrate your payment gateways, subscription management providers and analytics platforms with Corrily’s API through webhook, custom integration, or SDKs 🔜
  • Reduce integration complexity by providing unified access to billing platforms 🔜
  • Modular and reliable way of getting pricing details without worrying about underlying payment processors

Reduce price management complexity by gaining visibility into which prices are being served and where

  • Full visibility into the prices that are being shown to website visitors and users, and the geographies where they are being shown
  • See the price change trail for each customer from a highly customizable dashboard that serves as a single source of truth
  • Centrally manage the prices of products, including handling of different currencies, FX conversions, local price formats, as well as price-niceness

Enable experimentation with just a few clicks, not weeks of development

  • All the tools you need for pricing and packaging optimization in one place — experiment orchestration, analytics, price, currency and FX management
  • Eliminate the need to constantly develop and maintain pricing within your codebase
  • Easily implement pricing and packaging changes, and user segmentation without doing any code changes