Create Dynamic Paywalls and Optimize Conversions through Personalization and Experimentation

Corrily provides a dynamic and personalized paywall or pricing page that lets subscription companies offer the right price, features, and call-to-action at the right time. Boost conversions by adapting to various factors such as the user's location, device, or browsing history, and run experiments to maximize revenue.

Dynamically Personalize your Plans

  • Create a paywall or pricing page and personalize the number of plans being shown, the features associated with each plan, the type of trial being offered, and even the prices — all in real-time.
  • Use Corrily's audience segmentation capabilities and set personalization rules to show different versions of your paywall based on user attributes like location or user type.

WYSIWYG Interface for Easy Visualization

  • Use the WYSIWYG interface to design your paywall and pricing page, including plan highlights, feature comparison tables, feature labels, call-to-action buttons, different color schemes, and more.
  • No-code WYSIWYG interface allows for easy visualization of changes so that even those without technical expertise can design and implement a powerful paywall.

Run Experiments to Maximize Conversions and Revenue

  • Growth teams, marketers, and product managers can easily perform A/B tests to figure out what works best for their audience. Test different price points, call-to-action buttons, or even entirely different layouts to understand user preferences and behaviors.
  • Want to highlight a particular plan for a limited time or draw attention to a particular feature? Or perhaps you wish to offer a special feature only to users from a specific location? Flexible customization allows you to easily make changes without requiring any engineering effort.

Optimize and Fine Tune your Strategy with Full-Funnel Analytics

  • Access comprehensive analytics tools to understand conversion rates, user behavior, and more. Optimize your paywalls based on these insights.
  • See the full-funnel impact of your paywall experiments to gain a deeper understanding of your users’ journey. Improve their overall experience and increase customer loyalty and retention.

Seamless Integration and Data Sync

  • Integrate effortlessly to any marketing, analytics, engagement, billing or subscription management platforms, making it easy to implement without causing any disruption in your current operations and workflows.
  • Consolidate and sync various data streams into the Corrily dashboard for a single source of truth.

Ready to optimize conversions through personalized paywalls?

Join other successful companies, such as Scrimba and Skillshare, in building and dynamically optimizing your paywalls and pricing pages.
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