Create Dynamic and Personalized Paywalls

Corrily lets subscription companies create dynamic and personalized paywalls. Boost conversions by offering the right price, features, and call-to-actions at the right time.

Design and test paywalls that aligns with your business goals

Dynamic and Personalized Paywalls

Real-time personalization: Personalize the number of plans being shown, the features associated with each plan, the type of trial being offered, and even the prices — all in real-time
Flexible customization: Make changes without requiring any engineering effort. Want to highlight a particular plan for a limited time or draw attention to a particular feature? Or perhaps offer a special feature only to users from a specific location? You got it
WYSIWYG interface for easy visualization: Visualize changes easily so that even those without technical expertise can design and implement a powerful paywall

Paywall Segmentation and Experimentation

Audience segmentation: Show different versions of the paywall based on user attributes like location or user type
Pricing and packaging flexibility and variability: Test and set varied price points for different segments or regions. Offer customized trial lengths and product bundles based on user preferences
Easy visual testing: Perform A/B tests to figure out what works best for your audience. Test different call-to-action buttons, or even entirely different layouts to understand user preferences and behaviors

Manage Product Features

Dynamic configuration: Attach features to products, group features together, or embed feature comparison tables, all managed within the platform
Granular feature control: Define Boolean and Metered product features with flexible feature values
Effortless updates: Streamlined process of updating and modifying your product features

Analyze and Optimize with Full-Funnel Analytics

Paywall optimization: Access comprehensive analytics tools to understand conversion rates, user behavior, and more. Optimize your paywalls based on these insights
Data-driven strategy: Leverage insights from diverse markets and user interactions to refine your approach
Improve user experience: See the full-funnel impact of your paywall experiments to gain a deeper understanding of your users’ journey. Improve their overall experience and increase customer loyalty and retention

Seamless Integration and Data Sync

Effortless integration: Paywall Builder integrates with existing marketing, analytics, engagement, billing or subscription management platforms, making it easy to implement without causing any disruption in your current operations and workflows
Unified insights: Consolidate and sync various data streams into the Corrily dashboard for a unified and accurate source of truth
Enhanced workflow connectivity: Create a cohesive ecosystem that optimizes your workflow

Scale your monetization strategies

Harness the power of machine learning

  • Pre-trained Corrily models that improve over time-based on your data and anonymized aggregated data across similar industries
  • Smart traffic allocation and data-efficient sampling algorithms that produce 30-40% faster results compared to traditional AB/n experiments
  • Automated AI insights and recommendations to keep track of monetization opportunities and grow your revenue

Ensure consistent visitor experience

  • Consistent experience throughout the user journey - from a visit to the pricing page to final checkout. Corrily prices, once assigned to a user, don't change unless you intend to
  • Limitless Segmentation: define relevant audiences for each experiment and allocate visitors exclusively for each test so that experiments don't overlap

Empower your teams with actionable data

  • Self-serve analytics that includes Statistical Significance and Confidence Bounds across all key metrics on the Corrily Dashboard
  • Ability to add custom metrics depending on your business needs
  • Visualize trade-offs involved to make informed decisions

Get hands-on support

  • Access to Corrily’s implementation & dev teams to help you design and set up experiments
  • Consultative support from Corrily's pricing experts and data scientists (some with decades of price consulting experience)
  • Shared Slack channel for immediate support