Manage Prices Centrally and at Scale

Corrily helps you manage the prices of your products, services, or subscriptions from our dashboard’s Price Control Center. Centrally manage prices across all your payment gateways, subscription management providers, and data analytics platforms.

One-Click Localization

  • Automatically localize and adjust your prices in any currency, whether that be to the local currency of the country or a third currency
  • Instantly push out localized prices to your pricing page, your sign-up flow, and your billing system

Monitor and Manage FX Rates

  • Hedge against macroeconomic conditions like inflation by monitoring foreign exchange fluctuations and proactively managing FX rates across currencies
  • Manually set the FX rates for different currencies you charge in, or update the frequency of your FX settings based on your preferred level of automation

Dynamically Create User Audiences

  • Manually build audiences and segment your users within the Corrily dashboard, and have the ability to specify unique prices, coupons, or discounts to specific users or audiences
  • Go further and use Corrily’s models to automatically create audiences based on your payment gateway or data analytics platforms

Roll Out and Transition User Prices in Bulk

  • Have granular control over how your price is displayed — following local price formats, applying any discounts or visual elements, or implementing any rounding or price-niceness strategy
  • Easily transition specific cohorts of users between different prices and easily update and roll-out new prices
  • Update prices across all (or a subset) of your products, geographies, or users with one click

Ready to centrally manage your prices?

Join other successful companies, such as Scrimba and Skillshare, in reducing the complexity of price management.
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