For Product
& Growth Teams

Corrily helps Product and Growth teams drive revenue, conversions, and LTV by running pricing and packaging experiments, personalizing prices for specific customer segments, and tracking performance from one powerful platform

Increase revenue and conversions by running experiments

  • Run experiments to identify the optimal price point or feature set that your visitors and customers are willing to pay
  • Control the currency and the prices that you show in various regions, countries, and customer segments, all from the dashboard and with low-to-none engineering involvement
  • Increase revenue by understanding your customers' willingness to pay and proactively adjusting your prices. Increase conversions with dynamic coupons, promo codes, and discount campaigns

Expand your customer base and maximize customer lifetime value by personalizing prices

  • Create customer segments and get an even deeper understanding of how your customer base is reacting to your pricing and packaging
  • Launch campaigns across all of your channels and optimize prices or packages for each of your customer segments
  • Activate or upsell customers with personalized prices from product usage analytics, improve retention, and maximize customer lifetime value

Quickly test, learn, and iterate with the help of built-in analytics and in-depth recommendations

  • Get in-depth analytics of key metrics and track the performance of experiments and campaigns
  • Distill key learnings and plan next steps with easy-to-read, automated data visualizations
  • Receive machine-learning-backed recommendations and get the full picture of the why behind each pricing and packaging recommendation
  • Easily manage cross-channel data by consolidating all your data in one powerful dashboard

Ready to drive revenue, conversions, and LTV?

Join other successful companies, such as Scrimba and Skillshare, in finding the optimal prices for your users.