Corrily Professional Services

Embarking on your monetization journey and not sure where to focus?
Get the right advisory support to monetize your products and unlock revenue potential.

Monetization is complex; we're here to guide and assist you at every step.

Our team

Monetization Experts: Leveraging years of experience from monetization consulting, we dive into best practices and dig into various GTM topics to guide you throughout your monetization journey. We know how to build monetization teams and how to align your stakeholders across the organization.

Data Scientists: Having built revenue and data models at companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to small start-ups, we excel at transforming data into meaningful insights that help you focus on what matters.

Product Managers: We have years of experience as product managers to help you at every stage -- from opportunity assessments, market research, customer interviews, product pricing, price experiments, and product analytics.

Andrej Zukov-Gregoric
Previously PhD in Machine Learning and quant at BlackRock

Alex David
Previously Director at Simon-Kucher and Partners and Head of Pricing at Segment

segment simon-kucher
Praveen Maloo
Previously Product Lead at Microsoft and AWS

microsoft amazon
Previously Developer and Data Scientist at OLX and Yandex

olx yandex

Opportunity Assessment & Strategic Audit

Short-term engagement focused around identifying pricing & packaging opportunities
Internally focused assessment based on internal discussions, data analysis, best practices, and industry benchmarks
Delivered through 2-3 strategic workshops and a final report to pricing leadership
External validation through customer interviews & surveying can be done at additional expense

How we work with you

Assess "Today" & "Tomorrow"

  • Dive into company objectives to understand current state of monetization
  • Understand company objectives, KPIs, and desired future state
  • Create hypothesis and plan for validation with internal stakeholders

Data Collection & Analysis

  • Collect data across transactions, customers, product
  • Conduct interviews with internal and external stakeholders
  • Analyze all consolidated data into easy-to-understand opportunities using Corrily's proprietary analytics engine

Evaluation & Discussion

  • Evaluate financial impact of opportunities against difficulty of implementation
  • Work with internal stakeholders to determine value of opportunities and relevant DRIs
  • Refine opportunities as needed

Prioritization & Implementation

  • Assist internal stakeholders in the creation of a prioritization roadmap
  • Execute on opportunities that fall within scope of the Corrily Platform (requires purchase of Corrily software)
  • Provide guidance on how to execute opportunities not manageable through Corrily Platform

Additional Services

Expert Guidance

  • Long-term partnership model acting as an ad-hoc advisor
  • Participate in strategic meetings where a pricing voice is needed
  • Provide additional pricing perspective and experience in business planning sessions
  • Attend / co-lead pricing council meetings across the organization
  • Conduct quarterly business reviews around pricing & packaging strategy

Monetization Training and Workshops

  • Training to educate and enable your teams and stakeholders on the three core areas of monetization: pricing, packaging, and metric/model design
  • Facilitate dedicated brainstorming and planning sessions