We're on a mission to personalize the world's prices

Corrily’s service makes it easy to spot hidden opportunities, expand globally, and personalize prices to fit your customers' willingness to pay.

Pricing done scientifically

Local everywhere
From the moment you are implemented with Corrily, you charge your users in their local currency with culture-aware rounding.
Easy to integrate
Implementing Corrily takes minutes, instead of days. Copy and paste a few lines, and you're ready.
Made for SaaS
Corrily is made for SaaS. We do not just optimize revenue but take into account retention, free trials, add-ons and everything SaaS needs.
We are pricing nerds
We spend more than 70% of our budget on R&D to make sure our optimizer always gets you the maximum returns.

Our founders

Andrej Zukov-Gregoric
Andrej Zukov-Gregoric
CEO, Co-Founder
Andrej Zukov Gregoric is the CEO and co-founder of Corrily. Prior to Corrily, Andrej finished his PhD in Machine Learning and has worked on projects ranging from automatically counting and cross-checking civilian deaths in Iraq, building NLP intent detection systems, and studying the risk profiles of mortgage-backed securities. Having lived in Serbia, Slovenia and the UK -- all countries with very different purchasing powers -- he believes companies should do more to adjust prices to different segments of end-users & businesses.
Alex David
Alex David
COO, Co-Founder
Alex David is the COO and co-founder of Corrily. Prior to Corrily, Alex spent the last decade focused on monetization across a variety of industries and countries. He received a Master’s in Pricing Theory from the University of Rochester before spending much of his career at Simon-Kucher, the premier pricing consultancy. Alex ran the pricing function at Segment, helping grow ARR and profitability in the lead-up to its acquisition by Twilio. Having seen firsthand how impactful pricing can be, he is excited to see companies prioritizing monetization now more than ever.
Praveen Maloo
Praveen Maloo
CPO, Co-Founder
Praveen Maloo is the CPO and co-founder of Corrily. Prior to Corrily, Praveen spent most of his career at big tech companies such as Microsoft and Amazon. There, he led product strategy and marketing for Microsoft Teams, AWS AI and Machine Learning portfolio, and incubated new products aimed at emerging markets. Based on his monetization experience across multiple businesses, he believes that pricing and packaging should be used as a strategic lever more often.
Kirill Gugaev
Kirill Gugaev
Kirill Gugaev, CTO and co-founder of Corrily. Prior to Corrily, Kirill spent 11 years combining industrial experience in Big Tech with founding experience in his own startups. He has worked on large-scale recommendation, anti-fraud, and anti-spam systems, alongside founding a no-code platform for WhatsApp bots and a small hedge fund. In addition to his IT expertise, Kirill has been a personal finance and crypto investments mentor for entrepreneurs, where he learned the transformative power of strategic pricing changes.

Our advisors

Omar Nawaz
Omar Nawaz
Ex-Chief Product Officer at Chargebee
Harini Karthik
Harini Karthik
Ex-Head of Data at Loom
Kevin Novak
Kevin Novak
Ex-Head of Pricing & Operations Tooling at Uber

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