Know exactly what to price your

Through live price experimentation, Corrily learns how much your visitors are willing to pay and adapts your prices in real-time to boost conversions and revenue.
Some of the most innovative subscription companies trust us with their pricing

Set your prices with confidence

Most SaaS and subscription companies simply guess what prices to charge, leading to missed revenue and fewer conversions. Corrily removes the guesswork and lets you find the optimal prices for your users by running live price experiments.

Run live price experiments

Test different price points to discover what works best for your business
Run targeted price experiments across different audiences to understand willingness to pay
Automatically localize prices globally based on Purchasing Power Parity

Understand price elasticity

Visualize and analyze key downstream metrics such as revenue, conversion and LTV
Receive actionable insights to understand how the KPIs interact and evolve over time
Easily integrate with payment gateways, subscription management providers and analytics platforms you already use

Offer personalized discounts

Personalize discounts to improve retention and maximize user lifetime value
Create and manage discount campaigns across channels
Increase conversion with dynamic coupons and promo codes

Orchestrate price management

Centrally manage prices across all of your products, countries and audiences
Automatically localize and adjust prices in any currency
Monitor and manage FX rates across all currencies
Easily transition specific cohorts of users between different prices

How does Corrily work?

Corrily manages your pricing end to end - from displaying optimal prices and
discounts worldwide to monitoring your revenue growth

Easily integrate with our API

Wrap the prices you display on your website with our API, which takes care of every pricing and discount scenario you can imagine. Integration with payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Adyen, and Braintree and subscription management solutions like Chargebee or Recurly only requires a couple of clicks.
+ Custom

Set-up experiments

Set-up pricing and packaging experiments on the Corrily user dashboard, including defining your price bounds, segmenting your users, creating an audience, and more. Our data science team works with you every step of the way to set up and run the experiments correctly.

Get price recommendations

Corrily gives you complete insight into what is influencing your users’ willingness to pay. Get an even deeper understanding of your users by integrating your data analytics tools like Snowflake, Big Query, Looker, Metabase, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Chartmogul.

Optimize key metrics

Apply price and discount recommendations to maximize revenue or paid conversions for your user segments.

Measure, monitor and iterate

Corrily gives you advanced analytics and actionable insights to help you keep a pulse on your revenue trends, and improve your pricing strategy. Continuously optimize your prices by setting up new experiments when business objectives change, or run experiments on autopilot and shift to proactive pricing.

Ready to see your revenue grow with Corrily?

Join other successful companies, such as Scrimba and Skillshare, in finding the optimal prices for your users.